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Virtual Services for BIPOC Folx

Tutoring in such Social Sciences: * Sociology * Social Work * Gender Studies

For Writing & Art Projects: * Individual Coaching, Pitching Support, etc. * Sensitivity Reading, Consulting, etc. * Grantwriting, Editing, Proofreading, etc. * Research, Project Management, etc.

For Equity Initiatives: * Consulting, Training, Facilitation, etc. * Grantwriting, Editing, Proofreading, etc. * Research, Project Management, etc.

At the Intersection of Decolonizing Mental Health, Understanding Oppression, & Using Arts-Based Processes for Our Liberation: * Guided Therapeutic Writing as a Tool for Processing Traumatic Experiences * Support with Navigating the Oppressive Publishing Industry to Tell Our Own Stories * Consulting, Training, Facilitation, Grantwriting, Editing, Proofreading, Project Management, Virtual Assistance, etc.

* Some yet-to-be-determined service that combines my background as a past mental health therapist, who remains a social worker, educator, equity practitioner, artist, etc. (but is unable to obtain stable employment since constructive dismissal from Canada's largest university, and therefore needs to minimize more white supremacist workplace trauma)

If my approach resonates with you as a person who has been harmed by white supremacy, colonialism, xenophobia, etc. based on the body you inhabit, as I have been, and continue to be, you are welcome to contact me on the form below. For decades, I have assisted Black, Indigenous, and racialized communities in an unpaid capacity as an investment in mutual aid towards our collective liberation, but following burnout from exploitation, I have had to accept that I need to monetize these services to some degree to continue to exist under racial capitalism. While I have been paid thousands of dollars by organizations and government bodies for my time, I understand that the average Black, Indigenous, or racialized folx I most want to help are unlikely to be able to afford such rates under racial capitalism. Although I have historically accepted rates as low as $20 per hour for virtual assistance on equity projects, and $30 per hour for tutoring services, my ability to do so often depends on my capacity as a disabled person. Should you choose to contact me below, I will do my best to assist you as an equity practitioner with an anti-capitalist politic. 

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Individual Client Testimonials:

"I contacted Krystal for mentorship and editing support for a journal publication. My writing was a hybrid of artistic and academic writing. I wanted some help making it publishable without losing the integrity of my writing, and ways of knowing, and theorizing. I wanted this while publishing in a colonial white academic space. Krystal understood the realities of my limited access to publication spaces within the colonial academic setting as a Queer, Trans, racialized, mad, neurodivergent person. She put a lot of care into providing feedback and suggestions, in a way that does not replicate the censorship and knowledge gatekeeping that happens both in the colonial academic space and in the publishing world. She treated my work with great care and gentleness while providing honest feedback for publication. This kind of safer writing and publishing mentorship for Queer, Trans, racialized, mad, disabled neurodivergent students who write from embodied knowledge is rare. I appreciate the space Krystal created and continues to create. I can only imagine her contribution to the community leading to more rich, relatable publications for people like me to access. You know that feeling when you pick up a piece of writing and it speaks to your whole being?"

– Siva Sivarajah (he/him)

    "Krystal and I both crawled through the fire that is Roots. Wounds. Words. “Penning My Pieces” workshop. We remained in close contact even though we live in different countries. When I wanted to learn to pitch publications, Krystal, with her robust experience, walked me through the process in a way that felt very affirming of my disability identity. Thanks to her, I have several more clips under my belt, and I have been able to align my work with an ethic of care for subject matter and sources that we both share. Krystal is a tremendous talent, advocate, and all around beautiful person."

    - Dominic Bradley (they/them)

      "I am a social work student who is about to graduate from my Master’s degree program at the University of Windsor. I had the pleasure of working with Krystal as my tutor throughout my undergraduate degree at York University and my current graduate studies. Krystal has been instrumental in helping me excel in my studies and cope with the micro-aggressions that I have experienced in graduate school as a Black immigrant student. Krystal’s similar lived experiences and approaches when delving into topics that are embedded in white supremacy ideology have shaped me as a social worker who thinks critically about issues that face equity-deserving communities. I appreciated how she taught me the importance of working from an anti-oppressive framework when supporting service users. I do not consider Krystal my tutor any longer; I consider her my friend/mentor and I admire her work. I aspire to publish articles as critical as hers. Krystal, in my journey, has made me realize that my accomplishments are not mine alone, but ours. She has inspired, supported, and encouraged me throughout my higher education."

      - Mariam Ahmed (she/her)

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